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Yooriliz the yellow Squirrel
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:rose:My Gallery.:rose:

welcome and enjoy :3


If u add some of my art for ur faves :)




and plz :iconreadplz: :iconcommentplz:

thanks. :3 :3

Art Status


for more details about my art status - see my journal: [go down in the journal, it's the same journal of the commissions, under that :3]

:work: works to do/finished already

birthday gift to my best sis neko-kumicho-chan >> done! >>… :)
birthday gift to my best sis Nekoro-san >> done! >>… :)

there are more several things I work about, hope I'll success to finish them soon :3 remind to myself: (ignore that friends, it's a symbol I did to myself to remember) בירטדיי גיפטס.

Yooriliz's app as medic officier to HTF-MilitaryAcademy >> done!… :)

AT with RoxyTheBear - on hold
generaly, new challenges of the HTF-Island-Tourney club

PS when I do kiriban I write a journal about that, and there are just kiribans that I decide to do. if u didn't hear from me about a kiriban, please don't tell me "I catch ur ??? pageviews".

Random Favourites

Cute Flippy by xBlackWolfSpraklexCute Flippy by xBlackWolfSpraklex

^w^ :squee: :iconyaayplz: :icongreatjobplz: :icongoodjobplz: ^w^



we just have to be strong, don't stop hope and believe, and don't stop to pray.

wish you all the best, my friends



YooriYooriliz has started a donation pool!
123 / 500
^ lol don't believe it, lately I buy PM for 1 month to myself with the points XD

my :points: commissions are still open!

B/W Ani : Point Commissions OPEN - Button by Drache-Lehre:iconcommissionsask:Points Commissions Stamp by HornedStorm

Points La by DetailDonate Points by Circe-BakaLa jumping in Points by JibodeahCatch them points by BurgerBunnyPoints La by Detail:iconpointsjarplz:

my commissions offers - in this link:…

(please don't ask me for give you points in my account.)

I'm sorry... but my :points: commissions are closed right now.

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Artist | Student | Digital Art

Yooriliz יוריליז

תירגעו, זה לא השם האמיתי שלי... רק כינוי והשם של הדמות שלי כאן חח
relax, it's not my real name... just a nickname and the name of my OC here, lol

First of all, Who am I?

My Name: Yoori (nickname, very close to my real name)
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 20.3.1992
Religion: I'm Jewish, and proud to be Jewish. :)

:fish:~~Astrology Series - Pisces by feiyan~~:fish:

Jewish by iddo40Flag: Israel by Wearwolfaa

My OCs
:bulletpink::bulletgreen: Yooriliz - my main OC. yellow squirrel with brown hair, mother of Lora, Jimmey and Milley
:bulletpink::bulletgreen: Lora - little green squirrel with borwn hair, Yooriliz first daugther
:bulletpink::bulletgreen: Jimmey - little yellow bear with green hair, Yooriliz's son, Milley's twin brother
:bulletpink::bulletgreen: Milley - little yellow bear with green hair, Yooriliz's daugther, Jimmey's twin sister


:bulletorange:I respect you, if you respect me
:bulletred:Hate racism
:bulletred:Hate Yaoi, Yuri and love-of-same-gender
:bulletblue:Proud to be Jewish
:bulletgreen:Free internet, free deviantart, but not in order to offend someone else


If you watch me :)


severl things in Hebrew my language
[no translate. it's only Hebrew here!]
קצת בעברית, אז מה ;P ;)
הדרך הבדוקה להצחיק את אלוקים היא לספר לו על התוכניות שלך-
וכן, אני דתייה, נעים מאוד.
משהו קטן: בקשר לדמות הזו של הדובי הירוק עם המדים, פליפי - יש לי כאן הרבה תמונות וציורים שלו, אכן. זו פשוט הדמות שאני אוהבת מ"הפיטריפרינדס", סידרת אינטרנט לא לבעלי לב חלש בכלל.
ו...זה הכל
תיהנו מהמשך השוטטות בעמוד שלי
ושיהיה לכם יום מעולה! :)


several links...

:gummybear::new: Yooriliz's wikia page -… written by miyuuko :hug:
:gummybear:Yooriliz plz account >> :iconyoorilizplz: drawing by tonoly21:hug:
:gummybear:Lora, Jimmey&Milley plzs >> :iconloraplz::iconjimmey-milley-plz: Jimmey&Milley drawing by Chellie093:hug:
:gummybear: my club in DA >> :iconyooriliz-club: club's creator Sabrina029:hug:
plz join, friends :3 it will be so nice and make me so happy :3
:gummybear: 2 tributes to Yooriliz in youtube:
tribute 1 >>… tribute's creator htfloveAPH:hug:
tribute 2 >>… tribute's creator Akai-tsukixX:hug:
:gummybear: my "plz" plz account >> :iconohhplzplz:
:gummybear: my account in youtube is -… I'm called "yoorinet".
[PS very important: there was someone in YouTube who called "Yooriliz".
lately I see s/he close the account, but still I'll say - IT'S NOT ME. this is not my account in youtube, althought the account had the name of my main OC here.]


:rose:The Special Place - for all my best amazing friends ^^:rose:

:) :) I love everyone of u, my best amazing close friends,
amazing friends I'm so like to talk with them,
amazing friends that I will never forget
friends who r always with me
and will never leave me -
and I will never leave them too
my dear friends, I'll always be here for u,
forever and ever!
u deserve all of that and more than that!
everyone of u is so important for me
and so close to my heart! :hug::happycry:


See Ya!:D



Happy (OMG SO LATEEEE) birthday Wopter :gift: by YooriYooriliz
Happy (OMG SO LATEEEE) birthday Wopter :gift:
pssttt.. friends... hi, psst... yeah yeah, you... it's me...
Frozen - Elsa is afraid 
is it ok stop to hide myself now? did he go already? ;)
well ok yes, I laugh, but still, it's, TOO LATE, you don't know how much. 

[and I have more birthday gift to do that I late too... :faint: I'm shocked I still have friends O.O ;)]

ok ok, now more seriously.
it's a birthday gift - well, you understand - to Wopter. I try to do him in not-so-ordinary pose - Yooriliz "catch" him with the camera in a little childish moment - after a big bite on the cake, with all the chocolate on his face... XD
be looks like he doesn't care. it's tasty - and that's what important :giggle:

so, I just have to say - happy birthday, Wopter! happy randomazing birthday! :cake::party::iconbirthdaycakeplz::iconhappybirthdayplz:
do you happy Wopter?
where is he? ah, oh, he go to wash his face. ok.

enjoy! hope you like it. :)

credits! :3
Wopter (c) :iconwopter:

we just have to be strong, don't stop hope and believe, and don't stop to pray.

wish you all the best, my friends

big prayer and hope for better days.

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