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Yooriliz the yellow Squirrel
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:rose:My Gallery.:rose:

welcome and enjoy :3


add my are to your faves? :)
watch me? :)




and plz :iconreadplz: :iconcommentplz:

thanks. :3 :3

Art Status


for more details about my art status - see my journal: [go down in the journal, it's the same journal of the commissions, under that :3]


:giggle: several adopted eggs :giggle:
why not :XD:

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yep, new Jewish year is here. :rose: :) the year is תשע"ו. (Tav-Shin-Ayin-Vav - it's in Hebrew letters, and we use Hebrew letters instead of numbers here. we tend to count years by Hebrew letters: every Hebrew letter has a numeric value. it's called "Gematriah". in the Jewish religion we use the "Gematriah" for many important things, not just in the Jewish year counting.)

well, this year I wrote this journal after the holiday itself, but, there are so many preparations and things to do for this holiday, so, I had no time to write before.
now I have time :giggle:

so, yep. it was the holiday of the first day in the new Jewish year. 
the Jewish calender is different than the univeral calender that you know. 

for more information about this special exciting Jewish holiday you invited to read here: :rose:  Happy New Jewish Year :)^^ today is the first day of the new Jewish year. :)
I'm so happy, it's a big happy holiday in my religion. :)
we go to the Synagogue for the holiday prayer, wear festive clothes, and pray the special prayer of the holiday.
after the prayer, when we meet friends, we say them "I wish you happy new sweet year". in Hebrew it's heard: "Ani Me'achel Lecha/Lach Shana Tova U'Metuka".
after the prayer every family go home and eat a special beautiful holiday meal.
in this holiday meal we eat food that are a symbols for good things we want that will be in the new year.
one of this things, and it's very famous thing, is apple in honey, in Hebrew it's called "Tapuach BiDvash", and befroe we eat it we say about it "Please God, make our new year happy and sweet" - sweet like the honey. yeah, the apple in honey is a symbol for new sweet year.
there r more many symbols in food, so I have no place to write them all, but it's so beautiful.
in addition it's amazing, beuatiful and fun to be together, all

so, for the new year, I wish for all the Jewish people, who celebrate this holiday - in my country and all over the world - 
:rose: Happy New Year! שנה טובה! Shana Tova! :) :rose:

and for all my friends who are not Jewish, I wish amazing days! ^^ :) :rose:


Artist | Student | Varied


lol, Yooriliz is not my real name, just a nickname and the name of my own character here :3

First of all, Who am I?

My Name: Yoori (nickname, very close to my real name)
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 20.3.1992
Religion: I'm Jewish, and proud to be Jewish. :)

Astrology Series - Pisces by feiyan:fish: Jewish by iddo40Flag: Israel by Wearwolfaa


:bulletorange:I respect you, if you respect me
:bulletred:Hate racism
:bulletred:Hate Yaoi, Yuri and love-of-same-gender
:bulletblue:Proud to be Jewish
:bulletgreen:Free internet, free deviantart, but not in order to offend someone else



severl things in Hebrew my language
[no translate. it's only Hebrew here!]
קצת בעברית, אז מה ;P ;)
הדרך הבדוקה להצחיק את אלוקים היא לספר לו על התוכניות שלך-
וכן, אני דתייה, נעים מאוד.
ו...זה הכל
שיהיה לכם אחלה יום :)


My Own Characters from the HTF time. and they are still here, just need to find new style to them :giggle:
:bulletpink::bulletgreen: Yooriliz - my main OC. yellow squirrel with brown hair, mother of Lora, Jimmey and Milley :iconyoorilizplz: drawing by tonoly21
:bulletpink::bulletgreen: Lora - little green squirrel with borwn hair, Yooriliz first daugther :iconloraplz:
:bulletpink::bulletgreen: Jimmey - little yellow bear with green hair, Yooriliz's son, Milley's twin brother
>>:iconjimmey-milley-plz: drawing by Chellie093
:bulletpink::bulletgreen: Milley - little yellow bear with green hair, Yooriliz's daugther, Jimmey's twin sister :iconjimmey-milley-plz:<< drawing by Chellie093

Yoori-links :3

:gummybear::new: Yooriliz's wikia page… written by miyuuko :hug:
:gummybear: more plz account >> :iconohhplzplz:
:gummybear: my club in DA >> :iconyooriliz-club: club's creator Sabrina029:hug:
you are invited to join, my friends :3
:gummybear: 2 tributes to Yooriliz in youtube:
tribute 1 >>… tribute's creator ChicaSuperKiller:hug:
tribute 2 >>… tribute's creator Akai-tsukixX:hug:
:gummybear: my youtube account -… I'm called "yoorinet".
[PS very important: there was someone in YouTube who called "Yooriliz".
lately I see s/he close the account, but still I'll say - IT'S NOT ME. this is not my account in youtube, althought the account had the name of my main OC here.]


See Ya!:D


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Hello there sis! I regret not pass through thy page even to say hello, I miss you ;_;
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